Stellar Fights 7

Stellar Fights 7 Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fighting


Bout 1 Sponsored by War for the Cure

Cruiserweight (183-190)

Eddie Boyce (0-0) Complete JJ vs Pat Carey (1-0) Team Atos
Pat Carey wins via unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28, 30-27


Bout 2 Sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings

Kickboxing K-1 Rules – (195-205)

Ryan Long (0-1) Olympia Fight Club vs Phil Patey (1-3) Independent
Phil Patey wins at :33 in the 3rd Round via TKO


Bout 3 Sponsored by Blue Diamond Karate

Grappling - 165

Matt Oakley - Carlson Gracie vs Steven Baker - Team ROC
Matt Oakley wins at 4:08 of the 1st Round via RNC

Bout 4 Sponsored by Explosive Tattoo of Salisbury

Super Light Heavyweight (175-183)

Leandro Vioto (0-0) Rip Tide MMA vs Sean Kelly (1-0) Practical MMA
Leandro Vioto wins at 1:23 in the 1st Round via Armbar


Bout 5 Sponsored by JD Sign

Super Heavyweight (227-242)

Laurence Gensler (0-0) Complete JJ vs Eli Swartz (0-0) Ground Control/Premier MMA
Eli Swartz wins at 1:29 in the 1st Round via TKO

Bout 6 Sponsored by 93.5 the Beach

Super Featherweight - (126-130)

Travis Pittenger (0-0) Yamasaki Academy vs Gregory Saumenig (2-0) Team Atos
Travis Pittenger wins at 2:28 in the 1st Round via Triangle Choke


Bout 7 Sponsored by Murphy’s

Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship - (167-175)

Zak Kelly (5-4 KB) Team MVJ vs Jeff Brown (4-1) Killer B Fight Team
 Jeff Brown wins via unanimous decision 30-26, 30-26, 29-27


Co-Main Event

Bout 8 Sponsored by Dawson and Bedsworth Electrical

Interim Super Welterweight Championship (147-154)

Santos Escribano Jr. (7-2-1 KB) CTKBA vs Bruce Baker (3-5 MMA) (2-0 SS) Team ROC
Santos Ecribano Jr. wins via majority decision 47-48, 48-47, 48-47

Main Event

Bout 9 Sponsored by Aqua Electric
Super Cruiserweight Championship – (190-195)

Mike Donohoe (0-1 MMA) (3-0 KB) Team MVJ vs (Current Champion) Ben Heffner (4-0) Complete JJ
Ben Heffner wins at 1:10 in the 1st Round via Guillitione Choke

Fight of the Night - Jeff Brown vs Zak Kelly
MMA Fight of the Night - Bruce Baker vs Santos Escribano Jr.
KO of the Night - Eli Swartz
Submission of the Night - Travis Pittenger


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